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Who is Primetime Cams?

Primetime Cams is the first independent adult marketing platform to offer a centralized collection of trending models streaming live from major cam sites including Chaturbate, BongaCams, StripChat, LiveJasmin, and more. We believe that the user experience in the adult entertainment industry also matters, which is why we built some of the best tools and features to give fans a more unique and personalized experience - My Primetime. We used some of the latest technology, customized code and API Integrations provided directly from cam sites with a goal toput viewers in front of their favorite models in the industry on one platform. Our mission is to bring models and members together with a neutral stance towards reviews and experiences and to become a destination that will create a level playing field for all webcam models in the industry.

What is My Primetime?

My Primetime is completely FREE when you sign up. It's made specifically for you, your own special kinks, fetishes and desires. It will show all the models that you are currently following, pages (liked and created), as well as your Interactions.

What are Primetime Pages?

Primetime Pages allows you to customize, organize and prioritize models from different cam sites that are integrated on our platform. When you view a page, you are able to see which models have been added to that page, you can like pages created by other members or you can create your own and group models by your interests, desires or fetishes.

What is considered an "Interaction"?

At the moment ratings and reviews are considered interactions.

Who are the Top Models appearing on the Discover Page?

The Top Models section and any model that appears on the Discover page are Top Models according to their cam site. Any cam site that has provided a score is calculated differently and it can be based on popularity, ratings, live viewers or a combination of all. We integrate all scores given and display it in order from the highest for each site for any model who is currently live.

What webcam sites appear on Primetime Cams?

Current Integrated Sites: BongaCams, Chaturbate, StripChat, LiveJasmin SkyPrivate & Bim Bim. Our goal is to continue to add more cam sites to Primetime Cams as our community grows.

*LiveJasmin Affiliates: Dickshow, Cameraboys Fetish Fix, LiveSexAwards, LivePirates, mycams, LiveSexAsian, JOYourSelf, MyTrannyCams

I am unable to locate a specific model.

There are a couple ways to locate a model:

Use the Search at the top of the page

Typing the URL:

There may be a few reasons why you may not be able to locate a model from one of our integrated sites:

A model may have declined to appear on any network sites. In this case models will only appear on their main platform and not any affiliated sites. The model has blocked access to users in specific countries or regions. If a model has not broadcasted in a few weeks to months chances are they are not currently on our platform. Since we use API Integrations provided directly from the cam sites, the model would have had to be broadcast in order for us to pull this information. Once the model streams live from their platform, their model profile will be added.

Can I watch shows on my mobile device?

Yes! Primetime Cams respinsive and mobile friendly. You can experience it on your laptop, iPad or tablet and mobile devices. Simply type in

Do you store any photos, images, or videos of the models?

No. We do not store any photos, videos, or cam clips of webcam models. All content is live and we do not display anything after the broadcast has finished. Any images, videos, text, are directly from the cam sites and the API information that is given.

I am a model. I do not want to appear on Primetime Cams.

We respect everyone's privacy and understand if you do not want to appear on our site. If you would like to be removed, please reach out to your cam site. If the option is available, you can also disable any your settings to not appear on network sites.

I'm interested in being a Primetime Cams webcam Model.

At this time our main goal and focus is to bring the webcam communities, models and fans together on a centralized platform while creating the best and most personalized experience for its members.

How do I get in contact with someone from Primetime Cams?

We don't have the staff or resources to offer consistent customer support (Hopefully this will change 🙂). We are very active on social media and we try to respond to every message and email in a timely manner. All feedback and suggestions are welcome and can be submitted here through our contact form.